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 Guild Rules and Requirements

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Guild Rules and Requirements Empty
PostSubject: Guild Rules and Requirements   Guild Rules and Requirements EmptyTue Feb 21, 2012 5:24 am

Here are a few small rules that I hope can guide us to have a happy guild relationship  Very Happy

1, Please respect each other and understand that you have to have respect yourself first to give it freely.

2, We are an international guild please respect our cultural differences and do not put down other countries.

3, Religion, sexuality all those fun subject's if you wish to discuss them make a group and do it in party 100% certain your own personal view will be one another guild member wont like.

4, Absolutely no DRAMA in guild chat, if a vice member or leader tells you to drop what you are saying please respect them and do so. While it is good to practice freedom of speech be respectful of other people's feelings, know when you should drop a subject.

5, When giving out books, footprints and skill scrolls, it is the person who says "me" in guild chat first who wins. Also these things given out are for your use only and NOT to be sold for profit. Anyone caught selling stuff gifted by other guildies WILL be kicked from the guild as your friends are giving these away so you can get better not richer.

6, We are a polite guild, and being so, we go into instances with the belief that it is class roll on skill scrolls whether in guild group or not! If you want to roll on other class skills you MUST convey this to your group before entering instance. Any violation to this rule (if skill not given to rightful class) will be kicked from the guild and not allowed to ever come back.

7, You represent our guild and your actions should represent all of us. That being said, there will be no rude or raging in WC! Be the bigger person and just let it go as people will stop if you don't react as they are usually just looking for attention anyway. Denying them the satisfaction of getting you upset will not only show you are a bigger person but if you think of this situation you should get a giggle out of the whole thing.... (Picture them in front of their Pc and acting like this because you won't respond... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8pR1rZZHEs&feature=fvst  lol!

8, If you any problems with other members of the guild that needs attention by the leaders you MUST get a screen shot of the problem (please increase the size of your text box to show all of the conversation) then send it to engageguild@yahoo.com so that we can can take care of the problem. Please make sure to let a vice know either by pm or in game mail so that we know to check the mail. This rule is in effect to ensure we have proof and not someone just making stuff up about someone they don't like. We have seen hearsay that has gone completely wrong in other games causing mass rage quitting. ie: Oldies guild in PWI which the leader kicked the wrong person which caused 30 people to quit guild. And please take the time to expand your chat section before taking screen shots so that we don't have to open 6 pics instead of 1 thank you. Smile

One guild requirement

1, If you wish to quit the guild please ask to be removed by the leader or vice member's. We value our zeal and quitting any other way makes a loss for us. Plus: If you can't wait and do quit, just remember that you will not be able to come back in the future.
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Guild Rules and Requirements
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